Midleton Very Rare

Some people always say that there is a story behind each whiskey tasted or purchased, so what is my story behind this Midleton Very Rare? I remembered talking to my dear friend Robert Charnock, chairman of British fabric merchant, Dugdale Bros & Co., about whiskey around 3 years ago, he told me that his favorite whiskey is Midleton Very Rare, an Irish whiskey from Jameson. At that time, I have not tried any Irish whiskey yet, so when I saw this bottle at Heathrow airport, I bought one without any hesitation. That was the 2014 version.

Ever since I have this bottle in my shop, I have asked more than a hundred friends, co-workers and customers to try this amazing bottle and most of them were surprised by the immense favor of vanilla and butterscotch. It is actually by far the most “vanilla-taste” whiskey that I have ever tried, and believe me, it tastes really creamy and it’s like eating ice-cream.

So every time I drink this whiskey, it reminds me of Robert and appreciates him for introducing such a great bottle to me as well as his great cloth.

By the way, the latest price of this bottle from Heathrow Airport is GBP120 and they are now carrying the 2016 version (bottled in 2016). And as its name implies, it is quite rare with limited production.

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